The Prologue

“Moment of inner mind-body union”


  • How do you start an A.M.O. session? With the prologue.
  • What is the prologue? What is it about?
  • What is the purpose of the prologue?

1- The prologue is the beginning of every A.M.O. session. What precedes, as part of it, the work of Holistic Morphological Harmonization.
2 – It consists in the practice of dividing the attention by making it active. So you can intentionally direct your attention to multiple parts of the body. Practicing this, I can sense one part of the body and at the same time perceive the breath and feel a sense of emotional calm, while simultaneously being aware of these impressions.
3 – The prologue aims to achieve more goals, the first is to divide the attention, this makes me able to act in the Here and Now. The Here and Now brings me to observe more parts of
me: body – feeling – mind, in the present moment.  The present moment as the only real moment in motion.









You can find this symbol in our logo as well.

If I’m lying on the ground at the moment I divide the attention, I can find that my body has a weight (gravity), that I’m breathing (energy, life), that feeling the individual parts of the body or
its entirety. This happens now while I observe myself in the present moment.