Training course in A.M.O.


Saturday November 26, 2016 begins the 1st Training Course in “Holistic Morphological Harmonization” – A.M.O.

The course aims to train Holistic Operators in Mind-Body Work.

The duration is 3 years.

The meetings will be one week-end a month and one intensive period to reach 200 hours a year for the first two years and 96 hours for the third year.

The subjects of study will be:

– the laws governing the body shape discovered by Françoise Mézières

– the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer

– Empathic Language – Non-Violent Communication by Rosenberg

– Hellinger Family Constellations.

For information about the program, meeting calendar and costs, please contact:

tel .: +1 0541-777008