A.M.O. Holistic Morphological Harmonization

A.M.O. Holistic Morphological Harmonization

We intentionally choose the acronim A.M.O. (in italian amo=I love) as an affirmation regarding our professional work of thirty years. If you do not love your work, transform youself until you love it, and your work will transform with you!

“A” stands for Armonizzazione=Harmonization: an inherent potential in every human being.
“M” stands for Morfologica=Morphology: or the study of the normal human shape.
“O” stands for Olistica=Holistic: considering each human being as a totality of mind-feeling-body.

With this verb – AMO (I Love) – we want to acknowledge all the teachers that have transmitted their knowledge to us. To them, we are grateful forever.

The Semantics of the Elements:

Starting from the circle: Circle as completeness, perfection, what has neither beginning nor end, symbolizes harmony, the intellectual and spiritual dimension.

The line that divide the circle creates two hemispheres: right hemisphere, left hemisphere — the East, the West.

Peace symbol: it is a personal condition — intra-personal, social, relational, and political — caracterized by harmony and by the absence of tension and conflicts.

The cross in the upper part: the horizontal space-time line crosses the vertical eternity-line, the crossing point being the eternal Present Moment, here now.

The Vitruvian Man (syntesis): symbol of ideal human proportions, which Leonardo da Vinci left us to study.

The movement of “waves” on the rim of the circle: a symbol of the Life Force emanating from the center of the circle.