Let’s introduce ourselves…

Fosco Matteini, born in Rimini in 1949


Fosco Matteini

Physical-kinesio-therapist since 1972

Graduated at the University of Padova – Faculty of Orthopedics – I started my professional activity in Rimini at the Sol Et Salus rehabilitation clinic.

In the early years of my activity I worked in Padova for the Italian association Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare (Muscular Dystrophy) in the field of Neuromuscular Diseases.

I returned to Rimini in 1980 to work at the Infermi hospital.

In 1982 I meet Françoise Mézières – the discoverer of the muscle chains – and in the same year I meet Thérèse Bertherat – the French physiotherapist who created Antigym.

In 1985 I formed myself as a mézièrist with Françoise Mézières and I started the free profession in the center I opened with the name Centro Antiginnastica (Antigym Center).

In 1988 I formed myself as Antigym praticien with Thérèse Bertherat.

This encounter is fundamental to my training path and this allowed me to rethink the therapeutic aspect (pathology) to approach a pedagogical-bodily profession.

From 1997 to 2006 I worked as a trainer with T. Bertherat in Rimini, Paris and Buenos Aires.

The experience as a trainer leads me to reflect and ask questions about my inner path in relation to the profession I was doing.

I interrupt thus the collaboration of trainer with T. Bertherat.

In 2002, the encounter with James Tomarelli at a Sacred Dances seminar laid the foundations for a new mind-body path aimed at the psychic evolution of man.

After attending numerous seminars with James Tomarelli, I currently attend and work in these seminars by bringing my experience in the body structure in order to free its potential.

Since January 2013 I leave the brand AG-TB.

Today I continue my profession in Holistic Morphological Harmonization A.M.O. both in individual and group sessions in the center of Rimini, in other Italian cities: Padova, Bologna and abroad in Spain and Germany.


Elvira Finato, born in Argentina in 1951


Elvira Finato

After many years of private and public work experience, meeting with Thérèse Bertherat leads me to a profound professional and personal breakthrough. She herself proposes me to undergo her training.

I attend the school she led in Paris and

– in 1992 I received the Diploma (then transformed into a Licensing Certificate) of Praticien of TB Antigym and later attended all the upgrades required until 2012. www.antiginnastica.com

– The reading of the book A Corps Consentant, written by Thérèse and Marie Bertherat about the body of the pregnant woman touches my interest in the subject of birth and is a strong stimulus to propose antigym to pregnant women as body work preparation to giving birth.

For 16 years I have been accompanying future moms on this journey towards birth.

– My formation in “birth” continues at the “Doulas School” in Pisa.

In 2009 I graduated as a DOULA. www.ecomondodoula.it

– My thoughts and feelings about physiological birth in the respect of woman and child are in full agreement with what Dr. MICHEL ODENT wrote, which I consider to be a fundamental guide in practicing my work with future mothers.

I attended residential seminars conducted by Dr. Michel Odent in Italy and abroad.

In February 2010 I attended the International Congress “The Mid-Atlantic Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research”in Las Palmas – Canary Islands organized by Michel Odent.

Experiences of inner growth and evolution

– For more than 10 years, I have been participating in Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances Residential Seminars conducted by James Tomarelli, meditation, inner exercises, in the tradition that comes from Gurdjieff / Bennett; an experience that I continue with my husband, Fosco Matteini. www.Gurdjieffdance.com

– Psychophony

From 2008 to 2011 I participated in Mantova at seminars of 1 ° -2 ° -3 ° -4 ° level of Psychophony, conducted by Elisa Benassi – www.esserevoce.it


In my personal research of the Sacred Feminine:

– in 2006 I met and attended the first seminar hosted in Italy by VICKI NOBLE and other seminars she conducted in the following years always in Italy www.Motherpeace.com

– in 2006 I also start a journey with DIANE SEA DANCER of Dolce Medicina della Danza del Sole; residential seminars organized by the “Sacred Circle of Women” www.dolcemedicina.it

Other training paths:

– Two year course in Psychomotricity conducted by Dr. Cecilia Morosini in Milan

– Metamorphic Massage Course held in Florence by Gaston Saint-Pierre

– Information Course on the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer, held in Rimini by Dr. Claudio Trupiano

From January 2013, together with my husband, Fosco Matteini, we decide to leave the AG-TB brand and continue our professional activity with individual and group sessions of Holistic Morphological Harmonization –A.M.O.- at our Rimini studio in Via D. Campana, 51 / b.