The Prologue

“Moment of inner mind-body union” THE PROLOGUE How do you start an A.M.O. session? With the prologue. What is the prologue? What is it about? What is the purpose of the prologue? 1- The prologue is the beginning of every A.M.O. session. What precedes, as part of it, the work of Holistic Morphological Harmonization. 2 – It consists […]

Our Logo

A.M.O. Holistic Morphological Harmonization We intentionally choose the acronim A.M.O. (in italian amo=I love) as an affirmation regarding our professional work of thirty years. If you do not love your work, transform youself until you love it, and your work will transform with you!   “A” stands for Armonizzazione=Harmonization: an inherent potential in every human […]