Morphological Breathing

Every body work, technique or method, contains qualities that people can appreciate and feel useful and valid for themselves. Breathing is often one of the qualities that interests people most when approaching body work. What I have observed in the morphological harmonization practice of 35 years of work is that – beyond the technique or method […]

Academy of Gurdjieff Dance

CURRICULUM FOR A TWO-YEAR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM EACH YEAR: 3 ten-day residential workshops: Fall, Winter, Spring 6 three-day, weekend workshops: Sept., Oct., Nov., Feb., March, April OVERVIEW The Academy offers a synthesis of ancient understandings and contemporary investiga­tions into a continuous human development consciously actualized and intentionally maintained. The foundation for this way of continuous human development is […]

Vigo A.M.O. Seminar

The experiences of working in Vigo have been engaging from both the human and professional point of view. We were aware it was the last meeting with some former AGTB colleagues. Respecting their membership and consistent with our professional choices A.M.O., we have decided to stop personal work meetings with anyone in the brand now called “Antigym” […]